Curiosity Companion for Kids



Anytime, Anywhere
by typing or speaking

Personalized Responses

Instant easy to understand responses

Quriosity Leaderboards

Compete at National, State or School level

Win Rewards

Win exciting rewards every week for asking questions

Anytime, Anywhere by typing or speaking
Quick personalized easy to understand answers
Compete from National to Class level

Benefits for Students

Boosts confidence

By building the habit of asking questions

Enhances critical thinking

By catering to curiosity

Improves motivation

By rewarding them for asking questions

Benefits for Parents

The most useful gift for your child

Provides safe & secure space
Hack proof & no ads
Age appropriate content

Benefits for School

The best way to implement NEP 2020

Promote inquiry based learning.
Students follow their learning curve
To promote contextual learning.

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